Serving the Portland metropolitan area, Vet to Pet offers quality housecall veterinary services for your cat or dog without the hassle and stress of a trip to the veterinary hospital. From kitten and puppy exams to end of life care, we provide personal attention and compassionate assistance for your pet in the comfort and convenience of your home.

“ A trip to the vet is no longer the saga of getting out the carrier…luring the kitties into said crate…driving across town…waiting…and waiting some more…watching as my boys freak in the tiny room…and heaven forbid they have to make a second trip.  With the first trip deeply implanted in their minds, a second trip is nearly impossible.   Dr Chang’s house calls enable me to keep my boys happy (they LOVE her!), and I know they are receiving the finest care available. Dr Chang is our vet for life.

– Heaven McArthur, Owner of cats Oliver and Sinny, Ages 6 and 7